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Where Luxury meets Paradise
Thrive in our very intimate luxury in your own private space


AASIA serenely opens its doors to heaven on earth with a wide array of luxurious and exotic resorts in the tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean amidst pear white sands along a string of Islands all the way from Maldives to Sri Lanka. We are honored in treating you to a Luxury worth heaven on earth.

At AASIA we have a passionate group of individuals who are almost always ambitious in doing what we enjoy the most. With a dynamic team that is driven by enthusiasm, limitless energy and motivation, in sparking the heavenly magic amidst the sun kissed sparkling turquoise waters, making sure every client at AASIA feels the bliss of paradise at its gates, in fulfilling its motto, gate way to heaven.

Come and drench yourself in the heavenly waters of AASIA, where Luxury meets Paradise.

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The AASIAN Experience



AASIA Holidays captivates an authentic essence of luxury, where it believes that luxury is bound to the serene and tranquil waters of the Arabian Sea, by its uniquely handpicked resorts which are aligned like pearls hanging on this exquisite necklace, with sparkling waters and romantic sunsets that turn sliver by night to an illuminated stretch of starry sky.


While you embrace the winds of sweet summer evenings that whizz past your neck , along the sharp curves of your face, for you are immersed and reborn into a land that truly defines heaven for itself. AASIA takes you on a journey of rediscovery that redefines luxury travel, where comfort and relaxation can be as enchanting as a gentle kiss on your forehead while you slumber in tranquility.


While you slumber, the AASIAN Experience will truly rejuvenate the mind and body. The ravishing beaches, with pearl white sands speak of its mythical lust that endeavors the souls that walk on it into a tranquilized sate of clam and comfort. At AASIA Luxury speaks for itself, from your departure from the comfort of your home to the sparkling waters around your luxury villas. Let AASIA take control of what you feel, while you sink in the depths of tranquility.

Message from CEO

Gateway to Heaven
Thrive in our very intimate luxury in your own secluded hideaway


The world we live in is rapidly on the move that progress has made one forget oneself. It has misled the mind and body from experiencing true peace and relaxation that we are confined to a so called modern sereneness. All of that changes with AASIA.

We can guarantee that an AASIAN Experience, through AASIA Holidays, one that delivers heavenly comfort at your own private luxury is sure to break the cycle of modern day stress and set you free.

AASIA Holidays was inspired to redefine luxury travel by the sea, emerging from the glimmering turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Our portfolio includes some of the most luxurious properties in the world confined exclusively to the Maldives and Sri Lanka afloat the warm tranquil waters of the Arabian Sea. At AASIA Luxury speaks for itself, you are guaranteed to be afloat a heavenly wonder in the sparkling waters and pearl white sands. Let AASIA take control of what you feel, while you sink in the depths of tranquility.

AASIA is more than your ordinary luxury travel planner, we are luxury in Asia. The resorts included in our collection are above the normal luxury quota of being in the top tier of luxury properties in the world. Our mission is to create an experience where luxury and comfort, redefines luxury travel. Come experience a true gateway to heaven through AASIA.



Luxury Holidays
Experience one of a kind AASIAN Holiday to rejuvenate yourself

AAISA Holidays provides Holidays that are majestic in its own kind that combine impeccable, seductive taste and stunning sea views of the tranquil Indian Ocean to create unique privacy and a true relaxation experience.



The mystique silver sands that stretch around these minute but magnificent islands like diamond rings on a blue sapphire stoned sea bed, with ravishing glimmer of the sun and gentle lapping of water, creating a land that improvise a peaceful seduction


The mighty Indian Ocean engulfs a string of Island afloat a wide hue of blue like pearls afloat a bed of aquamarine with islands like lapis and topaz that intervene the shallow waters to give in way to life. Let AASIA drench you wet in warm waters to replenish your lost soul


The winds of summer that kiss you in gentle haze revives your mind and rejuvenates itself. The tropical breeze that creates music to the luxury sails to the brushing of leaves on that coconut trees that rhythmically eases you into a heavenly slumber


Feel the blazing sun driven by Apollo himself cast out arrays of warm bliss to tan oneself in the warm but tranquil waters. While blue by day your yellow blaze of wonder slips in to the sea in a magnificent orange. While draping the evening sky in purple hue like lightning by which you set ablaze a fire along the shores to grill away in scrumptious meals into a final state of slumber


AASIA is a destination for Luxury travel. We exist to create an experience where luxury and comfort, redefines luxury travel


To be the gateway to Luxury Tourism in Asia